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1st Commission Reunion
Weekend of 1 to 4 June 2018
at the Country Hotel, Basingstoke.

If you have any photographs of the reunion that you would like uploading to this page or linking to from your Facebook, Instagram pages etc. please send them to, or give link details to the webmaster

Click on 2018 Reunion Newsletter Links below

Issue 34 - June 2018 Reunion Newsletter.pdf

Issue 34 - June 2018 Reunion Newsletter.docx



Noel, Master of Ceremonies and Rum Bosun extraordinaire.
Click on the links to see some of Noel's Beaulieu and Dinner photographs.
Beaulieu Motor Museum
Reunion Dinner
(Original size copies can be obtained from Noel if required - webmaster)



David, son of Bob - The tie! What does the missing bit say? (Answer at the bottom of the page) - Photograph submitted by Dave W.
Buck in background looking very fit and well.

2018 Beaulieu.jpg

Bob and Rebecca all set for the Brighton run.


The Ladies Photo Call - Photograph submitted by Dave W.


12 of the original 12 score and ten.
Left to Right: Barry, Chas, Ray, Bootsie, Dave, Kevin, Bob, Noel, Peter, Dave, Buck, Ric. Photograph submitted by Dave W.


Our Oppos from H.M.S. Wizard and H.M.S. Cadiz - A great bunch of shipmates. Photograph submitted by Dave W.


Saturday Evening
Barry, Mary, Penny, Wendy, Rebecca, Bob, David, David and Liz. Photograph submitted by Dave W.


Saturday evening gala dinner table settings. Photograph submitted by Dave W.

An ode to H.M.S. Londonderry
By Bob Seymour

There were 12 score and ten, boys and men
That made up Derry's crew
As we slipped for workup out of Cowes
All dressed in suits of blue
There were Comms, Elecs and Stokers
And the Seaman branch as well
As we passed the Needles we did steam
To face the Solents swell

I think I see a host of ships
Spreading out to lee
As down the Channel we did glide
Bound for the cold North Sea
I think I spy a submarine
And her crew with hearts so brave
As they try to hunt us night and day
Beneath the restless waves

I think we see her yet again
As we leave the land behind
Pinging our sonar into the sea
That submarine to find
At last we see her up on top
And all onboards' alright
With her hatch shut tight and her deck awash
And her side lights burning bright

We calibrated the compass
Whilst swinging round the hook
We RAS'd between an RFA
As oil onboard we took
We tested both the sea boats
From dawn to dusk and more
Clearing lower deck so many times
But it never seemed a chore

With the work up done and dusted
It was back to port and leave
Before our tour of duty
Far across the Caribbean Sea
The tales we told our neighbours
Our kids and families too
Of banyans and distillery runs
Of those we had a few

But now our time is over
But the memories stay the same
Of a ship so proud and friendly
And worthy of her name
We formed a bond between us
Of those men so proud and true
12 score and ten, all comrades
That made up Derry's crew

Answer: 'Son of Ping' Father Bob Seymour TAS rating not 'Ming' Flash Gordon's arch enemy...


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