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HMS Londonderry
1st Commission
1960 - 1962



Liner "Queen of Bermuda" and "HMS Londonderry" Hamilton, Bermuda.

Queen of Bermuda and HMS Londonderry - Hamilton, Bermuda.

4th and final West Indies Cruise

4th Cruise Chart
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Place Arrived Departed
Bermuda   2nd Mar 1962
Antigua 4th Mar 1962 5th Mar 1962
Trinidad 5th Mar 1962 15th Mar 1962
Dominica 16th Mar 1962 19th Mar 1962
St. Vincent 20th Mar 1962 23rd Mar 1962
Grenadines 23rd Mar 1962 26th Mar 1962
St Lucia 26th Mar 1962 30th Mar 1962
St. Kitts 31st Mar 1962 2nd Apr 1962
Puerto Rico 3rd Apr 1962 6th Apr 1962
Bermuda 10th April 1962 18th Apr 1962
Our final West Indies and farewell cruise of the commission, saw us leaving Bermuda and heading for Trinidad, and if everything in this part of the world remains peaceful we will complete our self maintenance period there then bash on to Dominica for three days, St. Vincent and Grenadines for a few banyans and a session of getting brown for leave, then on to St. Lucia, then Kingston, an old favourite of ours. A couple of days around Key West, and the Bahama Cays on exercises, then back to Bermuda for a week. As usual the programme is subject to alteration and the exigencies of the Service. The only way we can guarantee doing anything is when we've already done it. Then thank heavens and My Lords Commissioners - Portsmouth. We have done what we have set out to do. We've shown the flag, made friends all over this part of the world from as far north as Vancouver to as far south as the Magellan Straits. We've helped a few people and generally upheld the traditions of the Service. Look out Fez, look out Chez Lennox - we are coming back again.
Leading Writer M. Hartenfeld

Postscript: HMS Londonderry sailed Hamilton, Bermuda, Wednesday the 18th of April 1962, refuelling at Ponta Del Garda, in the Azores before arriving Spithead Thursday 26 April 1962, entering Portsmouth with paying off pendant flying a.m. Friday 27 April 1962.

Ships Badge Ireland Island

Painting of HMS Londonderry's Ships Badge
RN Dockyard, Ireland Island, Bermuda.
Painted by AB M T Davidson.
On 16th October 2012 the 175 naval badges painted by the crews of visiting warships dating from the first world war on the dockyard walls were all finally destroyed by the Naval Dockyard commercial tourism developers. The badges were professionally photographed before their destruction and are now held by the National Museum of Bermuda.
History of HM Dockyard, Ireland Island
Bermuda's Royal Naval emblems and NATO ships' crests,
The Royal Gazette Newspaper.

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