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Gunnery Branch

"A Shot in the Dark"



Anyone got a group picture of the Gunnery Department or one
of the 4.5" in action or even just a good picture of the turret please?
I don't think above is ours, but you never know...

The Gunnery Branch has had a successful commission, which has included exercises with many units of NATO and Latin American countries. We have fired 1,232 rounds of 4.5-inch ammunition, and 442 rounds of 40/60 ammunition, at various targets, and have torn large holes in the horizon when no better target offered itself.

We have had our minor crises too, like the time the bullet was left out and showered the GDP and Director with cordite, giving them black looks, but we've had a fair measure of success with PTAs and sleeve targets.

The guard has been paraded on 30 separate occasions and has acquitted itself with distinction for a Queen's Birthday Parade, a President, wreath-laying ceremonies, and heaps of scrambled egg, in the usual tradition of smartness and "drips" by one and all.

Whilst mentioning guards, we should not forget the "Stann Creek Light Infantry" who landed with rifles and a heap of goodwill to aid the hurricane victims at British Honduras, nor the time when the landing party did battle with the cactus and the Dutch Army - in that order - at Curacao.

In conclusion we offer our best wishes for the future to all, and much happy RA time, especially to those fortunate enough to be drafted into the maws of the "Island", where well they may reflect with a sigh upon the happy hours of being closed up and standing by at gunnery quarters.

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